Avon Hint of Nature Scented Spritz Review

IMG_20170428_154505_173Avon South Africa was having an April special: two Hint of Nature Scented Spritz bottles for R56 [=/- 3 Pounds/4 US Dollars]. I decided to take the plunge and order it from a campus friend who sells Avon on the side.

I bought:

  1.  Enticing Cranberry and Cinnamon

  2.  Cosy Vanilla and Sandalwood

The Hint of Nature Spritz’ comes in 100 ml spray bottles. A cap is included with each bottle and it seems pretty secure. The bottles are also transparent so you always know how much product is left. Other than that, it isn’t anything too fancy.

On the bottom of the Cosy Vanilla and Sandalwood bottle, it says: “instant freshness and vitamins”. I’m not gonna lie, I found that a bit strange. Why place vitamins in a spritzer? Yoh, I’m just feeling super pedantic today.

The scent is really nice and subtle. I’m not one for strong fragrances. Have you ever walked past someone and felt your lungs empty all its carbon dioxide and fill with the chemicals and compounds in their perfume instead? Well, the Avon Hint of Nature Spritz is not gonna affect your respiratory system. Hopefully.

The Vanilla scent dominates in the bottle labelled Cosy Vanilla and Sandalwood. Cinnamon and vanilla individually are two of my favourite scents in the entire world (that and coriander aka dhania)… While the Cranberry and Cinnamon Spritz has a sickly sweet and floral fragrance. Once you smell it, you understand why they put: “This is not a food product” at the back.

I also like the fact that the Hint of Nature Spritz’ are multi-purpose. For instance, you could use them as:

  • a body mist

  • a way to fragrance your linen

  • in between your cupboard’s shelves

  • in the car

Have you tried any Body Mist or Spritzing products? Do let me know in the comments below.

Here’s wishing my South African readers a suitably fresh and vitamin-filled long weekend ahead 😀



4 thoughts on “Avon Hint of Nature Scented Spritz Review

  1. Due to my sinus I’m nota fan of body spray or spritzers. I prefer perfume but only wear it on special occasions. I will wear atr on a daily basis though. But I wish SA had a wider variety of authentic atrs, like they have in Saudi 😔

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    1. Sinus can be such a pain. :/ I’ve noticed a big variety of atrs being sold at the stalls in Gatesville. I’ve only ever bought them for relatives, and not myself. Is there any one atr that you can recommend?


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