City Diaries: Of Spiders and Men

I wrote this creative (non) fiction piece, inspired by the climate of fear relating to the safety of female students at universities in South Africa. Title inspired by Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'


{City Diaries} Getting Lost in Cape Town

You Can’t Get Lost in Cape Town. The title of Zoe Wicomb’s novel confused me in my first year of studying in Cape Town. How could one not get lost in the Mother City where highways fly over more highways, cul de sacs lurk around so many neighbourhoods and the roads are so steep you feel like you’re always hiking up the mountain, furthering yourself from civilisation?

City Diaries: The Man with the Red Backpack

There is a hospital in Longmarket Street. It was renamed after Christiaan Barnard – the man who performed the world’s first heart transplant. Of course names can be deceiving. He had performed the transplant at a hospital kilometres away, named Groote Schuur. When I was born there (at Christiaan Barnaard, not Groote Schuur), it had … Continue reading City Diaries: The Man with the Red Backpack