Avon Hint of Nature Scented Spritz Review

The scent is really nice and subtle. I'm not one for strong fragrances. Have you ever walked past someone and felt your lungs empty all its carbon dioxide and fill with the chemicals and compounds in their perfume instead? Well, the Avon Hint of Nature Spritz is not gonna affect your respiratory system. Hopefully.

Catrice Rock Couture Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara Review

I quite like the packaging. It is a black tube with turquoise writing. The mascara’s lid has little engraved studs (how rock and roll!). The studs have the added benefit of letting you recognise the mascara by touch in your vanity bag if you’re in a hurry instead of searching among your other mascaras. The brush is narrow with short spikes. Something about the brush grips and combs through the lashes quite well, thus separating them. Don’t you just hate those mascaras whose idea of giving volume is clumping each third of your lashes into three thick lashes? No man!

My Drugstore Lipliner Collection

Lipliners are to my make-up, what rice is to curry; what macaroni is to macaroni and cheese...okay, you get the picture... Basically, lipliners are something I reach for every second day. I wear lipliners as a base for my lipliner or to fill in my lips because they're so pigmented. Without further ado, let's delve into my drugstore lipliner collection: