Be a Game Changer: Essence Longlasting Lipliner Review

There is something incredibly subversive about wearing dark lips at the height of summer. Contrasting those bright summer rays with muted, grungy lips. I suppose I bought this with the intention of being a game changer.


I dunno when I was pulled over to the dark side of make-up. I never liked browns and burgundy shades on people’s lips. As a 90s baby, the only thing I remember from the period are pureed veggies and creche.
Perhaps post 90s (South Africa was going through it’s own game changing in the 90s, hello Democracy!), I was jaded from seeing golden skin tones adorn their lips with flat matte colours that dulled down their brightness and made them look sallow.

The Essence Long-lasting Lipliner in Be a Game Changer is a cool-toned burgundy with slightly brown undertones. I must admit that it looks slightly grunge when I wear it so I keep the rest of my make-up minimal. I wore this to campus and a girl from one of my classes shouted across the foyer of a building: “That lipstick suits you, girl!” I smiled broadly: “It’s a lipliner. But thank you.”

On the lip liner itself is only one promise, in typical Essence brevity: “automatic lip liner for a precise application and long lasting colour…”
I love lipliner for the precision it allows. I especially like ‘automatic’ or rather retractable lipliners. Can we please just have a moment of silence for all the product lost while people were sharpening their lipliners?


I noticed that the lipliner applies slightly uneven to my lips (but that could be because I applied a slightly greasy lip balm). It was easily fixable by prepping my lips with concealer and then blotting between applying the lip liner. This creates a blank canvas on which the lipliner can cling and fill. The lipliner is definitely long lasting!

I wrote an ‘e’ on my hand with it, hoping to take swatch pictures yesterday evening but ended up falling asleep instead. When I woke it, it has faded evening with colour being lighter but the letter still there.

All in all, the Essence Longlasting Lipliner in Be a Game Changer is a good buy. I can see myself using this throughout the seasons.
Let me know in the comments below if you want to see a post of my lip liner collection; it consists of several drugstore brands from Rimmel to Yardley and beyond…


7 thoughts on “Be a Game Changer: Essence Longlasting Lipliner Review

  1. Yes I’d love to see your collection! Can you believe I’ve NEVER tried Yardley or Maybelline lip liners? I just never find nude shades with warm undertones 😰 perhaps I should start looking again..
    love the “e” swatch. Post it on Instagram and tag Cosmetix_sa! Perhaps they’ll feature you on their page! In Shaa Allah I hope they do 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shukran for the comment 🙂 thanks to you, I have some new additions to my lip liner collection 😆 I may have a nude LA Girl Lipliner with warm undertones that I can feature…

      Uploading the ‘e’ swatch sounds like a good idea. Will try to do it this week insha Allah. I limit myself in terms of how many pics I upload to Instagram per day for the sake of my data lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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