A Review of the Yardley London Stayfast Lipstick in ‘Red’


It occurred to me – while writing this post – that I review a lot of beauty products from Yardley London. In fact, I’m working on a review of their loose powder as well. My life is a series of unfinished drafts…

But dear readers, know that this post is not sponsored. In fact, none of my posts are. Hopefully with consistency, perseverance and pure lastagheid (Afrikaans for the act of being a nuisance), I can get the brand to feature me on their Instagram page. #goals

The weather may not be bright, but your lipstick can be šŸ˜‰

So Yardley London decided to name this shade ‘Red’. Subtle, I tell you, real subtle.


I would describe this as a blue-toned red because it makes the teeth appears whiter.

These lipsticks are pigmented as heck. No sheer bussiness here. One swipe and you’re as filled in as an adult colouring book in a Camps Bay housewife’s home.

I always worry that my readers may not get my references šŸ˜¢ *anxious face* I’m also worried that no one will read my posts or like my pictures on Instagram… Beauty blogging, thy name is anxiety.

These lipsticks are matte and creamy (but not necessarily hydrating). But then again, who expects hydration from matte products?

I’ve owned this in the shade ‘Sienna’ (a rich brown) that unfortunately met a tragic end and ‘Nude’ (a lovely cool-toned nude for women of colour). I chose not to review the latter along with this one because it has the old packaging.

They do transfer. But don’t fade (if that makes sense). After removal, they leave behind a pretty, even stain.

The Stayfast range from Yardley is widely available from Clicks, Dischem (aka our drugstores) to Foschini (department stores) and Pick n Pay (grocery stores). It retails for R120.

Ultimately, these are one of my favourite lipstick formulae from the drugstore.


Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the Yardley Stayfast Lipsticks? Or what your favourite drugstore red lippies are?



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