Waterproof Beauty from the Drugstore: Featuring Essence and Yardley

We are slowly inching into summer in the southern hemisphere…

Melted is never a good look… For your face or your ice cream.

Introducing my favourite waterproof makeup products that have waterproof features from the drugstore.


1. Essence Liquid Ink Liner Waterproof

This is a repurchase of a product that I have reviewed before. This thing has been around for so long, it’s since received a makeover (i.e repackaging).


2. Essence You Better Work! Gym-proof Primer

There’s been much talk about Essence Cosmetics and their consistent failure to develop shades that include a wide spectrum of the South African population. Some of this talk has been going on in my Instagram account. Follow me and join the conversation.

I bought this because I thought: primer has no colour! One squeeze revealed that I was wrong.

The SPF20 feature was also a calling card for me purchasing this. Little did I know that the product has a baby blue hue as well as a texture that resembles sunblock. The scent is also sunblockky. Fortunately the blue hue is not noticeable once blended in.

Let me just make one thing clear: I do not go to gym. All gyms require a 24 month contract in exchange for membership, and I am not ready for that kind of commitment to an institution filled with sweaty people. So I can’t comment on how gym-proof this product is. 


I can say that it’s tacky texture helps for foundation and other products applied on top of it stay put. I spent a few hours walking in the sun and this primer really came though.

3. Yardley London Raincoat Mascara

I feel like Yardley London is the lesser talked about drugstore brand out there. They have a good range of products, including several foundation shades that cater to South African women of colour (Essence take note!)  Yet you hardly hear about Yardley… 😁

Their perfumes are also really lovely.


The Yardley Raincoat Mascara claims to be:

  • Invisible
  • Water resistant Top coat
  • Sets and shapes lashes and brows

The wand of this mascara is plastic and serrated allowing for you to comb through lashes nicely and prevent clumping.

You will find that your lashes become slightly crunchy once the clear, goopy formula dries.


Removing all of these products -with the exception of the Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner – is a bit of mission. But they do as they say and last most of the day.  [Casual rhyming… Who dis? 😉]

Which waterproof products do you swear by?


4 thoughts on “Waterproof Beauty from the Drugstore: Featuring Essence and Yardley

      1. As far as I remember, they mentioned that they are a very small company. That made ne think they can’t pay bigger promotions plus its not available everywhere. For the last 2 collections they launched I noticed prices going up, but also quality. They did start to get a bigger brand tho.


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