Dare Matt Lip Gloss in ‘Berry’ Review

When I received the Dare Matt Lip Gloss as part of my Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo goodie bag, the frosted matte glass tube screamed: “Spring” at me.


I had never heard of or purchased from this cruelty-free brand before. However, I liked that it came with a little box, which was labelled with the ingredients and other details that you may want to know. My drugstore heart got a taste of the high-end packaging life. Neither the box nor the tube made no claims whatsover.


The website, however, had lots of claims:

“When you want to make a great impression, do it with a little burst of fruity flavor. The Berry Matt Lip Gloss offers just the right amount of glam to light up your look. Each application creates a smooth and creamy texture, while the high pigment ratio increases pay-off and wear.
The synthetic moisturizer works gently to produce a nourishing matte layer that clings smoothly to the contours of your lip, without being too illuminating. This flawless deep berry red gloss will certainly give you a taste for the season.”

Is it just me, or does that description make this sound less like a lip gloss and more like a lollipop? “Fruity Flavour”, who dis? 😯

This baby retails for R230! That’s more than the Nyx Liquid Lipsticks. On the plus side, they offer free shipping throughout South Africa.

The formula is quite thin and not creamy or moisturising. The product’s scent reminds me of the clear lip glosses of my childhood. Does anyone remember those lipglosses that had little flowers printed on the clear tube and contained a rollerball, instead of a doe foot applicator? Those were the days…


It doesn’t apply patchy. But it does transfer onto mugs.

It takes quite a while to dry down. The thinner you apply it, the faster it dries down otherwise you’re stuck in this awkward situation where it stays sticky. There is no need to dip the applicator in the tube repeatedly. So it should work well on people that suffer uneven pigmented lips.


The colour is really bright. Or at least it is when I wear it. I feel like it is more hot pink than berry. So wearing this requires you to be quite the daring gal 😉 See what I did there?!

I have mixed feelings about this product because of the formula and price point. However, its packaging and pigmentation gets full marks.

Have you tried any new lip glosses (matte or not) lately? Let me know in the comments below 😊


4 thoughts on “Dare Matt Lip Gloss in ‘Berry’ Review

  1. Lovely review! I haven’t tried this brand before but I must admit it’s mostly because of the price tag. I’m not sure if I’d like this formula, so I guess I’ll stick to formula’s I know, such as Colourpop, NYX etc..

    I do love this color though. It screams Spring and I imagine it looking beautiful on you. I definitely agree though, it doesn’t look like a berry color but rather a hot pink, similar to Colourpop Mars.


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