Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in ‘Classic Beige’ Review

Rimmel was actually the first brand of foundation that I purchased to wear to a fashion show nogal. Aah, my short-lived career as a model. Hopefully, my blogging career is not as brief 😉

I got an SMS from Clicks saying that I qualified for some cashback on my Clubcard. Now, if you must know, I am obsessed with loyalty points! Bonus points, members only sales etc. I love it! It wasn’t a significant amount necessarily, but money off is money off and for that I shall be grateful.

I hit my nearest Clicks store and tried on so many foundations that eventually I ran out of space on my face. The Rimmel was on my right cheek, Essence Soft Mousse on my left cheek, Yardley Airbrush on the left-side of my forehead, Max Factor on my right side of my forehead.

After approaching the saleslady to ask which part of my face looks best, she selected the right cheek. Rimmel, it was then!
For more simple and less messy ways of selecting a foundation, several blogs/vlogs exist…not mine obviously.


The Rimmel foundation is one of the more high-end looking drugstore foundations because it comes in a glass bottle and has a pump. The glass bottle makes me nervous, while the pump makes me feel relieved that I won’t waste product. I guess the relief cancels out the nervousness?

The Match Perfection shade range is not as extensive as that belonging to Rimmel’s other foundation, 25 Hour Lasting Foundation. I didn’t bother with that one this time because I am not looking for full coverage right now.
I bought the shade 201 Classic Beige. I was contemplating getting Sand Beige (which is more yellow toned but decided against it. This shade suits my winter skin tone, and in summer I can just warm it up by bronzing.


The Rimmel Match Perfection foundation claims to do the following:
– 24HR moisture hydration
– SPF 20
– invisible coverage
– visibly perfected skin
– soft-focus powders help reduce imperfections, pores and dark circles


The consistency of the Rimmel Match Perfection is really similar to the Yardley Even Complexion Foundation, which I reviewed some time back. It is liquid but not super runny. It does feel hydrating on your face.


The foundation also has a floral scent that is noticable when applyinging it to your face. I know fragrance is a non-negotiation for some people when purchasing a foundation so you may wanna keep that in mind.

When photographed in a natural light, my pores appear to have been reduced. I have fine pimples on my forehead and the Rimmel Match Perfection does not make them disappear completely but it doesn’t emphasise them either.


Side note: how many times have you worn a foundation meant provide coverage and then it ends up emphasising those things instead? Luckily, the Rimmel Match Perfection doesn’t appear to be one of those.

I was impressed by the lack of transfer after application even though it appeared ‘wet’. It did set afterwards to a satin finish though and I don’t see the need to set this powder during winter necessarily.

I applied the foundation in the morning (around 7 am) with a make-up sponge. However, the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation is so blendable that you could actually use your fingers instead of a sponge/brush. The sponge sucks up a lot of the product and ends up sheering out the finish. I didn’t use any primer or powder. When I got home at 3 pm, I noticed that it was still intact in most places on my face but had faded on my nose revealing my pesky blackheads and pores there. It had not oxidised.

The following day, I applied it with a foundation brush and the coverage was significantly higher and surprisingly not streaky.

This foundation is a good option for people who prefer not to wear foundation on a daily basis or at all. It provides light to medium coverage. Unfortunately the shades I’ve spotted in Clicks will not cater for a variety of skin tones (both very pale and dark skin tones will struggle). This baby retails for R189.95 at Clicks (same price as the Yardley Even Complexion Foundation as well).

Avoid this foundation if you want an HD finish and flawless coverage. Go for it if you prefer a skin-like, soft-focus finish. I can see myself reaching for this often.


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