Signature Delectably Lavish Eyeshadow Palette Review

I guess you could call this one of those ‘Youtube Made Me Buy It’ blog posts considering that I first saw this eyeshadow palette on local Youtuber, the Foxy Momager’s channel. According to her, this is a dupe for the Tartiest Love in Bloom palette. I can’t corroborate that claim. As y’all know, I do not buy any high end products.


I decided to get the palette simply because it seemed more travel friendly and compact than the Beauty Treats 24 Matte Eyeshadow palette (the plastic lid of which now has a crack in sadly). Also this comes with a lovely big mirror attached to the lid.


I started buying cosmetics from Signature Cosmetics this year. They’re a local company that makes dupes for different high end products and have some original products as well such as fragrances and make-up tools. I’ve purchased their Matte Lipglosses as well as their eyeshadow primer (reviewed on my Instagram) in a collective of under R100. Their stores aren’t all over, but I always find their service to be good and their sales assistants’ friendly.

I paid exactly R60 for 12 eyeshadows – which equates to it R5 per eyeshadow. However, is the quality as low as the price?


Vanilla (a pure white matte shade) and Cream (it’s beige equivalent) do not show up on my skin after I applied the Miss Signature Eyeshadow Primer. I found this really strange because eyeshadow primers are supposed to intensify colours rather than make them disappear altogether.

I then experimented by trying to apply this without using an eyeshadow primer and ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Cream’ miraculously began to show up.

In addition, these two shades are very dry. I felt like I needed to literally scratch the eyeshadow out.


‘Sugar’ lifted my spirits a bit. It’s a taupe shimmer that is super pigmented but kicks up the slightest amount of fall out. This is lovely to place in the inner corner of your eye to brighten up your look.

‘Caramel’, ‘Honey’ and ‘Toffee’ are your quintessential transition shades.
Caramel and Honey showed up on my skin, but toffee was incredibly difficult to swatch. My index finger just wouldn’t pick up the product These are also matte but slightly less chalky than ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Cream’. I find these shades to be very similar to each other.

‘Candy’- is a cool toned silver-grey shimmer shade.
‘Nutty’ – a warm, coppery-brown shimmer shade.

‘Cinnamon’ looks brown in the pan but shows up as a maroonish/burgundy on my eyelid. This is also my favourite matte shade in the palette. Really pigmented too.


‘Cocoa’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Dark Chocolate’ are your deeper brown matte shades. ‘Cocoa’ is warm toned,while ‘chocolate’ and ‘dark chocolate’ are on the ashy side. These are great for smokey eyes and other dramatic eye looks. I can also see myself reaching for Dark Chocolate to fill in my brows. ‘Dark chocolate’ is almost black.

The palette is packaged in a magnetised flip palette. I don’t dedicate too much space writing about the packaging in my blogposts because I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory from the photographs I took.

Ultimately, you are not gonna buttery fall-out-free eyeshadows from the Signature Delectably Lavish Eyeshadow Palette. What you will get, is a holistic and versatile palette (in terms of looks, i.e smokey, halo eyes that require both matte and shimmery shades can all be created). I found that the colours work well together. I also like that each shade has a name.


Have you ever tried anything from this brand? Do you own the Tarte palette? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Signature Delectably Lavish Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. I actually want to pick up this palette to compare to my Tarte in bloom, but there aren’t any Signature stores in my area. Great post though. Love the nature pictures ❀️ if the shades aren’t showing up well, try and use concealer as as primer. Xx

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    1. That’s a pity. I think the Golden Acre and N1 City are their only two branches in Cape Town but I might be wrong…
      Shukran love πŸ™‚ I actually didn’t like how the eyeshadows applied and blended on top of primed lids 😐 It felt somewhat chalkier, especially those lighter shades 😒

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