Avon True Colour Concealer Stick in Light/Medium Review

Sticks and stones may break my bones but concealer sticks will never hurt me…? This adage certainly is true for the Avon True Colour Concealer Stick that I ordered from an Avon representative I know this month.

I took this from the Avon website. In reality, my version of the concealer has no writing/labelling.

Avon used to have an outlet store at N1 City Mall, which I absolutely loved, but then they closed down. 😦 As a result, if I order Avon, I alternate between ordering from my mom’s cousin or a campus acquaintance to get my goods. Lol, that sounds a bit dodgy but it totally isn’t. The only downside to the ordering process is that you have the catalogue to choose from, but you can’t test the shades unless your representative has testers (which they often don’t have).
As a result, I decided against buying a Mark CC Cream and chose the Avon True Colour Stick Concealer in Light/Medium instead. I feel its more of a train smash if you get a ill-matched foundation because of the sheer quantity of product and then having to buy extra products like lighteners etc to mix with it. If a concealer is too light, you can highlight with it or use it to clean up your brows. In any case, a concealer should be two shades lighter than your skin. Plus the quantity it comes in is less so it will be up in no time!


I chose the colour light/medium from the swatch shown in the catalogue and hoped for the best. The stick concealer had been reduced to R59.99 (p.s that’s the same price LA Girl Pro HD Concealers go for). I literally had nothing to lose.

At the end of June, I went to fetch my little package. The concealer looked like a mini mascara tube, and was tightly wrapped in plastic. I incorrectly assumed that the plastic was clear and was wrapped over the written. So instead of taking blog pictures, I just ripped the plastic off. The concealer stick and it’s black tube have absolutely no writing on whatsoever. You can refer to it to confirm the product or shade name. In my opinion, this is one of the product’s downsides. However, it scores points in the packaging department because you don’t click the lid closed, but twist it instead. This makes it way more steady and less likely for the lid to go AWOL in your bag.


Now, down to the nitty gritty. The concealer’s consistency is creamy without being hydrating. Also, the stick is solid but does not tug on the under eye. It is blendable. I usually use my ring finger to blend it away. I find creasing may happen if you go overboard by layering too much product, but that is easily fixable by setting the under eye lightly with loose powder.
The coverage is good enough for a bit of darkness under the eyes. I especially like that I can wear this concealer alone without foundation and it feels like I have nothing on my face.
Have you tried this or any other stick concealers? What did you think?



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9 thoughts on “Avon True Colour Concealer Stick in Light/Medium Review

  1. I have only ever tried the avon mascaras and I love the one I have. Also once desperate, I asked to use the Mark one from a colleague and I really really liked that one as well. I do have a 2nd upopened one that I also need to try soon.

    The concealer stick looks really creamy and soft. I definitely want to start trying more from the brand. I’ve ordered the setting spray this month and something else, what I can’t remember. I’m getting my goods from my sister’s colleague. ha ha

    The lack of testers is a bit of a bummer though.

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    1. The Avon Mascaras are definitely up there with the best of ’em! The Mark range looks very promising.

      Testers are definitely a prerequisite when it comes to certain products.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. This is one that I havent tried yet. I use the True Color one with the wand….I find you can control just how much concealer you want to apply. I have a heavy hand so I need to watch how much I apply. I love all Avon products and have used them since my 20’s.

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