Skin Strategy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips Review

Everyone and their cousin is on the charcoal mask bandwagon across social media and the blogosphere. But it simply looks too painful to subject myself to that if I’m honest. Especially when I think that pore strips work just as well…or do they?

The product’s aims are printed on each foil sachet containing a strip:

“Skin Strategy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips are specially designed to remove blackheads and unclog pores. The strip adheres to dirt and oil on the nose area, and the design of the strip allows for easy application, even in hard to reach areas. Once the strip is removed you will see improvement in your skin pores and appearance, with regular use the strips help to keep the pores free from dirt and clogging providing a clean appearance.”

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had blackheads. Especially around the nose. While primers fill pores, they can’t do much for pores that are already filled with sebum, melanin and dirt (i.e. my blackheads). I spotted the Skin Strategy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips at Dis-chem in Canal Walk and decided it was time to let it rip…


The Skin Strategy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips box contains 10 strips and retails for R29.95 at Dis-chem Pharmacies in South Africa. That’s $2 for my American readers. Inexpensive af just the way I like my skincare (and make-up and just about everything else for that matter!).

It is so incredibly difficult to

I prefer doing this in the morning when my face is make-up free. I started off by washing my face to ensure that it was sans creams and make-up. Then I wet my nose with lukewarm water. I dried my hand and removed the nose strip from its packaging. I applied the nose strip with the shiny side stuck against my nose.

The instructions are really detailed so it is truly fool proof. The packaging is really sterile (foil sachets) as opposed to just loose in the box.

It isn’t painful. Lord knows I’ve watched too many of those charcoal mask videos where women are screaming as though they are in the process of giving birth to Blackhead babies as opposed to merely removing them. None of that happened with this. It’s quick. I kept the nose strip on for just under 15 minutes. As a result, this can be done when you’re in a rush.


The nose strips themselves are a decent size. It is big enough to go across the bridge of my nose and even touch the sides of my cheeks!

I considered uploading pictures of the results (i.e my spikey blackheads stuck to the inside of the strip) but decided against it. It’s too gross lol.

It didn’t irritate my skin. I’m talking no redness whatsoever. Of course, everyone’s skin is different so practice your own discretion when using skincare products. I’ve had allergic reactions to hair dyes in the past. Moral of the story: do the patch test, guys!


2 thoughts on “Skin Strategy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips Review

  1. I always just walk pass these whenever I’m in Dis-chem because I thought they probably wouldn’t work. Will definitely be picking it up after this review. I’ve tried the blackhead pore masks and OH. MY. HIJAAB. It is the most painful thing EVER. I legit cried involuntary and couldn’t stop. My face was red and completely swollen because I have these fine hairs on my face, so the pore mask pulled that out as well. I did my entire face and I guess that’s where I made the mistake. I will NEVER be doing that again. Na-uh.


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