LA Girl Gel Eyeliner and Brush Review


Eyeliner was one of the first make-up products I used when I started wearing make-up. I used to use those red and blue cones of kajal imported from Pakistan. Those things were blacker than black and I loved the effect on my young waterlines.

Fast forward a couple of years and I spot this gel eyeliner and brush set hanging on a rack far away from the cosmetics counter at Dis chem for R59.99. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. What a find!

The LA Girl Gel Liner comes with a bonus eyeliner brush. I got it in the shade ‘very black’.



The gel pot is made of frosted glass and the caps fits snugly and securely on it. It’s important to make sure you close it property to prevent the liner from drying out.

The texture of the liner feels creamy enough but dries once you apply it to your eyes thus giving you a matte effect. It dries very quickly so keep that in mind if you want to smudge it out or move it around.

The brush’s bristles are densely packed but not prickly if that makes sense. Quite unlike the Beautique Crease Blender Brush that I reviewed a couple of posts back where I mentioned that it hurts your lids.


The brush is nice for lining your waterline as well as your top lid, although it isn’t narrow enough for a precise wing.

Another use I’ve found for the gel eyeliner is as a brow pomade. Because it’s ‘very black’, it’s best to not use a heavy hand (although sometimes I do just to be dramatic). I outline my brows the brow pomade using my Essence Eyebrow Brush mentioned as part of My Favourite Essence Eye Brushes. Then I shade then in with a matte black eyeshadow.


As you can tell from the swatch, the LA Girl Gel Eyeliner is very black and very pigmented!

I find the longevity of the LA Girl Gel Eyeliner increases the moment you place it on your brows as opposed to your waterline.

All in all, the LA Girl Gel Eyeliner is a well-priced offering from the drugstore.


8 thoughts on “LA Girl Gel Eyeliner and Brush Review

  1. Never tried this because I don’t wear eyeliner everyday (contact lenses. Meh) but I have seen people raving about it. Perhaps I’ll pick it up for my sister. Shes staring out with makeup and eyeliner and matte lipsticks are her fav 😂

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  2. I just purchased a brush and gel liner pot from Palladio. Never knew or saw an LA girl one today. Spent R200. The brush was separate I thought it cost R50 Bc of a price next to it, but the price was less noticeable and below it. Now I know for next time.

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