My Top 5 South African Beauty Youtubers

We’re all familiar with Youtubers such as Nikkie Tutorials, Teri Panosian and Huda Beauty taking slayage to the next level in their uploads, but what about the talented MUAs or beauty fanatics from my motherland on Youtube?

This post is dedicated to some of those gorgeous women to whom I’ve subscribed on Youtube because their blend game is unsurpassed and their videos are binge-watch quality.

  •  Sanesh Makeup

  • Screenshot_2017-05-15-02-12-30-1.png

Saneshnie is my favourite South African beauty blogger, hands down! She began her Youtube channel as a way to increase her as well as other acne sufferers’ confidence. Although her skin has since cleared up, she is not afraid to appear barefaced or ashamed of any of her scars. Instead she comes across as a confident and talented girl (we’re actually the same age). I love the message she advocates embracing your skin colour. Her make-up looks are amazing and wearable. The highlight of my time on Instagram was when she followed me! *jumps up and down and screams hysterically*. Also, she replies to my DMs on Instagram. I am such a fangirl 😁


Rushana is the sassiest blogger on this list if even if I must say so myself. Despite being a self-taught make-up artist, she slays the make-up game. She opened up about the depression induced by social media that she suffered recently. Our community is very hush hush about issues like that, so I found that really admirable.

Her trademark is her bleached but oh so luscious hair which she has in different colours. Her current shade is a candy pink.


  • Maxine Phoenix


Maxine Phoenix does beauty, haircare and a travel vlog now and then. I appreciate the message she advocates about accepting your natural hair. It’s a very sensitive issue within the coloured community. When she started vlogging, she wore braces and even made a blog about her experience with them.

  • Beauty Corner SA


A duo consisting of two sisters, Naledi and Katlego. They are so classy, I love it. Katlego has a blog as well. Being a curvy woman, Katlego advocates body positivity and made videos on her journey to it. They are very relateable as well. I have to mention that I have Katlego on Snapchat and she has replied to my Snap stories on a few occasions. Fangirling once again.

  • Fashion Breed


Aqeelah Haron from Fashion Breed embodies a strong, independent woman. #girlboss She owns Fashion Breed lashes as well as blogs and films videos. Her videos are clean and fresh and oh so professionally done. The blog posts she did on her wedding stands out to me. I’d never seen anything like the dresses she wore.

I had the good fortune of meeting her at a Charity Sale which she was behind earlier this year. In real life she is really tall and also quite friendly and approachable.

Also, Fashion Breed continues to be Aqeelah’s blog where she uploads posts on fashion and beauty. Her #ootds are gorgeous!


So what are you waiting for? Check out their channels on Youtube and maybe even give that ‘subscribe’ button a click.


Let me know who your favourite Youtubers are in the comments 😙


8 thoughts on “My Top 5 South African Beauty Youtubers

  1. I love this list. I only follow Sanesh from this list…that girl slays for real! I’ll check out the other gals definitely.

    I’ve also been wanting to do a list like this for a while, but I never get around to it, and it’s great to support each other, especially local gals 😉 Cause local is lekker after all!

    Liked by 1 person

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