Essence I Heart Extreme Volume Mascara Review

I don’t have super high expectations when it comes to mascara. All that I expect is that it live up to its claims. For new readers, my eyelash situation is straight af and sparse. Let’s see if the Essence I Heart Volume Extreme Mascara can give my moderate straight and sparse ‘wimpers’ (eyelashes in Afrikaans. I always love how wispy that word makes them sound) extreme volume.

1. mascara for extreme volume
2. Ultra black
3. Ophthalmologically tested

The bold pink writing on the black tube makes it instantly recognisable in your vanity bag. Although Essence packaging doesn’t have the greatest track record (see why on my review of their matte setting powder), the writing on the surface tends to stay put. Unlike some other brands *cough cough*…

The mascara tube itself is big and bulky making coating the bottom lashes impossible without a smudge or two. The formula itself is wet which means clumping is not an issue. Scent-wise, the mascara – like most from Essence – has a chemical scent to it.
There’s no way for me to prove that it was tested by an ophthalmologist. However, when some mascara got into my eyeball, my usually sensitive eyes didn’t a) go red or b) water or become irritated. So this mascara would attract sensitive-eyed ladies.
One thing I liked about this mascara in terms of wear was that it doesn’t feel heavy or weigh my lashes down. Another plus point is that this mascara is easily removable. I hate it when, in trying to remove a mascara, you end up parting with some of your eyelashes as well. RIP. I usually soak a cotton pad in my Garnier Misceller Water for Sensitive Skin and this comes off.
Also, the mascara is definitely ultra-black. It instantly darkened by lashes from root to tip. Lash tint anyone?

While the Essence I Heart Extreme Volume does a good job at lengthening eyelashes, volume only happens after applying several coats. So, the first and foremost claim isn’t quite delivered and is stuck in transit, awaiting for approval from customs…


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