My Drugstore Lipliner Collection

My drugstore lip-liner collection is rather modest in that it only consists of six lipliners. But quality over quantity, baby, quality over quantity.

Disclaimer: prepare yourself for trackbacks galore.

Lipliners are to my make-up, what rice is to curry; what macaroni is to macaroni and cheese…okay, you get the picture… Basically, lipliners are something I reach for every second day. I wear lipliners as a base for my lipliner or to fill in my lips because they’re so pigmented. Without further ado, let’s delve into my drugstore lipliner collection:


  • Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in Ultimate

This is my latest addition to my drugstore lipliner collection. When I bought the Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick at Foschini recently, they were having a promotion whereby you could score a free lipliner. I love me those ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ deals! This lipliner is a brown shade and intensely pigmented. It is also very matte. Like most of my lipliners, it is retractable. The staying power is quite good but the ‘matteness’ (apparently that word never existed before now) means it can feel a bit dry on the lips without proper moisturization beforehand


  • Yardley Retractable Lipliner in Claret

These Yardley lipliners were literally the first products which I reviewed on my blog. *insert nostalgic feels here*

Yardley Retractable Lipliners in Terracotta and Claret
  •  Yardley Retractable Lipliner in Terracotta

My review pretty much mentions everything about the Yardley Retractable Lipliners, except it doesn’t include swatches. Read my review above for the details, read this post for the swatches 😉

  • Essence Long-lasting Lipliner in Be a Game Changer

This is also a fairly recent purchase and review. Although I love this lipliner’s cool tone and slick and slim packaging and pricing, the colour does apply slightly patchy. I have tried wearing this on the edges of my lips and filling the centre with a nude or pink lipstick/gloss to create an ombre look. And it works really well that way.

You can read the full review on this baby here.


  • Essence Lipliner in Hot Chocolate

    This Essence Lipliner was a gift from fellow blogger, Aisha from Stardust and Lipstick. Unlike the lipliners previously mentioned, this is not retractable and therefore requires sharpening. If this lipliner was a warm beverage, it would be a white Hot Chocolate. The milky kind you get in sachets from Woolworths. Yum! This make a great ‘My Lips But Better’ liner and is a cool-toned nude on me. This is also good to pair with a dramatic eye look such as a smokey eye.


  • LA Girl Lipliner in Perfect Brown

    Last but not least, is the LA Girl Lipliner in Perfect Brown. This is also not retractable, so I use it sparingly so as to not sharpen it too much. This is a great warm-toned brown which would make a perfect nude for women of colour. It doesn’t wash me out and looks really natural. I have worn this on my lips for interviews when I didn’t want to look too ‘done up’. Unfortunately, the lasting power is not amazing.


Thank you for reading and tolerating my trackbacks. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these lipliners and how you found them? Also recommend some lipliners that you’ve tried from the drugstore and loved/loathed?


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