Signature Cosmetics First Impressions

I had some time to kill during the week (a rare commodity this semester) and popped into the Golden Acre Shopping Mall to get my watch fixed. On the way, I spotted a Signature Cosmetics store and decided to take a peek. It was a tiny store packed to the brim with make-up tools, perfumes and of course, cosmetics!

I had barely entered the store when bright liquid engulfed in frosted glass tubes caught my eye. I was taken aback at first…the packaging of the Miss Signature Just Matte Liquid Lipsticks seemed to mirror that belonging to Lime Crime, right down to the roses on the lid. Hmmmm… the plot thickens…


I’m not gonna lie, unlike Lime Crime, the Signature Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick colour selection was not huge. But store stock tends to differ from store to store as is usually the case. They did however have several shades of pink. The muted browns and burgundy lips I always gravitate towards were missing from this range. 😦


I swatched a red and fuchsia pink liquid lipstick and noted it looked patchy because the swatch was not drying in sync.


I continued to browse the store, oscillating towards the eyeshadow primer, as I waited for the swatches to dry. By this stage, dear reader, you’ve probably realised that the lipstick takes forever to dry down.

I confirmed the price with the saleslady: R33 for one and R56 for two [Approximately $4 and 3 Pounds and 260 INR for my US, British and Indian readers]. What a bargain! At that price, I’d blow-dry the lippy myself 😀

The Miss Signature Liquid Mattes are scented with a sweet fragrance: almost sweet enough to eat.

The Liquid Mattes don’t have shade names. They have a hashtag and a number instead. I bought #6 and #7.


Shade #6 is a bright pink. And I mean bright! If you wanna compensate for the lack of sun on a cloudy day, wear this. If you cycle and want to be visible to drivers on the shoulder of the road, then wear this. *chuckles* This colour is very much out of my comfort zone. But I liked the way it brightened my complexion. I feel like this would look especially striking on darker-skinned beauties. #melaninpoppin

Shade #7 is a true red. It’s undertone is still under the radar right now. This is also brighter than it looks.


One gripe I had with them is that they stay tacky. Its so annoying worrying that your lips may stick together due to the tacky sensation these create.

The Liquid Mattes are quite lasting, I wore them from the morning until lunch time (which included a hot chocolate) and it stayed put. So this gets top marks for longevity.


Overall, I don’t regret purchasing the Signature Liquid Mattes, especially because of how cheap they were. While they may disappoint in the wear arena, their pigmentation is on point.



5 thoughts on “Signature Cosmetics First Impressions

  1. Love the pics! I love bright pink shades but because of my Niqaab I cannot wear tacky stuff, it messes EVERYWHERE. I swatched thees in store and I agree, they are pretty pigmented for the price. I just wish they had more nude shades. A tip for making it less tacky: take one ply tissue and put it on ur lips, dust some translucent powder over it and that’s it, it mattifies quite well ☺️😘 xx

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    1. Shukran girl. Coming from a pic perfectionist like you, that means a lot! 🙂 I agree with you on the nude shades. Nyx does that well with the their matte lip creams.
      The struggles are so real when it comes to getting make-up on your scarf or niqaab.

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