Beautique Crease Blender Brush Review

Hi everyone!
It’s official, I have the flu. It feels so wrong, having the flu in summer. I associate sniffles and sneezes with laying under a thick duvet while I listen to the pitter patter of rain on my window sill. How poetic and now unrealistic…
Despite all of this, I have come to do another blog post. With three packs of 3 ply tissues by my side and sipping a cup of ginger tea I write this blog.

Ever since I was welcomed into the world of eye make-up brushes, my make-up life changed. Although I love my Essence Eye Blender Brush – read it here– it has quite a wide surface area. That’s when I spotted the Beautique Crease Blender Brush at Edgars.

I liked the silver handle and ferule, both of which looked and felt classy and solid. I also liked the fact that the brush’s packaging had the price on the back: R34.95. What a bargain! I love things that look high-end but have drugstore prices.

The bristles are packed into a pointed tapered shape. The texture is definitely not as soft as my Essence Eye Blender brush. The brush is a nice size for people with concealed creases, like those of us with hooded eyes. However, the shape makes it feel a bit rough on the delicate eyelid skin. I’ve used this to try and blend out my crease and then my brow bone felt sore afterwards. Ouch! Suffer for beauty, or so the adage goes…

I tend to use this to apply matte colours around my crease, mostly from the Beauty Treats 24 Matte Eyeshadow Pallette. Who could’ve foreseen how much I would use this palette? See my review of that palette here. One thing I have noticed about the Beautique Crease Blender Brush is that it does kick up a bit of fallout. Eyeshadow fallout and mascara clumping are two things that I can deal with. I mean, so long it’s not nuclear fallout, right? Woah, this just got so dark, so quickly.

In conclusion, this brush is well-priced and useful. Just use it with a gentle hand or simply to apply product to the crease instead of to blend.

Thank you for reading.


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