Sassy Wishes: March Make-up Wishlist

Last month (flashback and a half), I started a new series called Sassy Wishes. One cannot have a series with only one episode hence this month’s follow up. This is basically a space to drool over promising products that I don’t own.

P.S You can read the debut Sassy Wishes here.

It’s already the third and I’m only rolling this out now? Why, you ask? Well, I save all my blog posts as a word document on Microsoft Office first and then paste it into a WordPress draft and then publish. The draft to this post, however, decided to go awol. I hope it is happy wherever it is on the computer: doing jumping jacks in some unknown folder, all nameless and generic in Calibri font size 12. Note to self: save and back up your docs!

Onto those Sassy Wishes…

1. Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks


Apparently Smashbox’s latest liquid lippy has primer oil included in the ingredients. Hopefully that will decrease the lip dehydation factor that is part and parcel of a lot of liquid lipsticks. It also comes in 12 shades!



2. Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Concealer

An oldie but a goldie (or so I’ve heard). Dina Tokio swears by this concealer, as do a lot of other Youtubers.


I entered a competition on Instagram where you had to name your favourite make-up product and explain why what you chose made the cut. I named concealer as being my favourite make-up product because of it’s versatility: covering discolouration/pimples and prepping eyelids etc etc. As a result, I wouldn’t mind investing in a concealer like this even though it is only available through third party sellers [such as on Instagram from whom I reptoduced this image] in South Africa.

3. Flormar Extreme Matte Lipsticks


Flormar has been churning out hot beauty products a lot recently or maybe I’ve just become more aware of their range since I got Instagram last month. One of these is the Extreme Matte Lipstick. The packaging looks really edgy and eye-catching. Apparently, the finish of this lippy is a lot like liquid lipstick.


4. LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

This foundation launched at Dis-chem Pharmacies in February making it quite the newbie. The fact that ‘coverage’ shares space with ‘illuminating’ in the title is what intrigued me. Also, LA Girl is one of the few drugstore make-up brands that usually has such a wide range of shades. I’ve been itching for Aisha from Stardust and Lipstick to review this. I couldn’t double tap it fast enough when she uploaded her purchase on Instagram recently. #fangirl



Thank you for reading this post. Do let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought of them in the comments below.

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