A Free Make-over Courtesy of The Body Shop

I saw The Body Shop South Africa advertising free make-overs on their Instagram page. Nothing is more intriguing than freebies on Instagram, except those accounts that claim to give you followers. All you needed to do was book 48 hours in advance, according to the ad.

When we inquired in store at The Body Shop in Canal Walk, they said everyone with a Love Your Body card [a loyalty card offered by The Body Shop] was entitled to two free make-overs a year. Oh my hat! As if I needed another reason to justify filling the slots in my purse with loyalty cards! My mom booked a session for herself on Wednesday for Friday.

The make-up artist, Melanie, was an absolute gem of a person!

Upon arrival, we announced ourselves. Melanie appeared in all her made-up glory. Her face truly was on fleek. Not just that, but so was her general aura. She asked what my mom was comfortable with and painstakingly explained what product she was using and why.

The primer. When Melanie squeezed this out, it was a clear, thick substance. A great texture for filling pores and fine lines.

She would be doing a smokey look. Melanie moved onto foundation once the primer had been applied. The Fresh Nude Foundation that was all over the South African Youtube scene a while back.

All about that base…

I found it interesting that she tried three different shades by places swatches from my mom’s cheek to her neck. This technique was obviously effective considering that the shade she settled on: ‘Atlas Dunes 04’ matched my mom’s skin exactly. From what I could see, the foundation provides medium to full (more on the full side) coverage. It looked very liquidy after she applied it with The Body Shop Foundation Brush. Then she went in with The Body Shop Face Brush. The second brush sort of buffed the foundation into the skin; giving it a more matte and skin-like finish.

The Body Shop Face Brush stipples and buffs to perfection. This could possibly replace my trusty beauty blender
The drops

Melanie mixed some of the Honey Bronze Drops of Sun drops into the foundation. This could account for the super liquidy finish described earlier. The bottle is glass and contains a dropper. I feel like this one is a bit of a dud in terms of packaging. When I removed the dropper, it literally dropped/dripped the product all over the counter. The glass bottle combined with the messy applicator means that this is not a product that I would be likely to invest in.

Some other products in the Honey Bronze range seem promising. One of these is the Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome. The shape is super convenient as there is no need to use a fan brush or fingers to apply.

From mosques, cathedrals and highlighter: domes are downright gorgeous

Although Melanie did a full face of make-up, but I decided to omit most of the other products used for the sake of brevity. I was most impressed with the dewy finish of my mom’s skin after the make-over.


Spending a half an hour in The Body Shop to document the make-over made me realise how beautifully set up the store is. I mean, there was even a fresh flower in a product display! The lovely ladies working there do such a great job. Shout out to Melanie, her team and all the other people in retail working hard and still managing to leave customers with smiles on their faces.


This post isn’t sponsored. None of my posts are, unfortunately 😦
I didn’t upload before and after photographs of my mom, though I did capture some. I don’t feel comfortable putting my or her face on the blog. Feel free to check out my Instagram here. You, me and my corneas can bond. I sometimes upload pictures of my eyes.

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