The Only High End Make-up I Own: Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer Review

One of my friends was touching up her make-up using the rear view mirror of her car in the university campus parking lot and rummaging in her make-up bag. She pulled out the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in Medium Honey – box and all – and handed it to me, claiming that it was too light for her. Conversely, this concealer is the perfect shade for me. She handed it to me in such a nonchalant way, that you would’ve never guessed that she had paid R320 for it! Yes, according to Clinque’s South African online store that is what the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer retails for. Let’s see if it’a worth forking out the cash…

On the floral box, the products deets are listed as being: “Allergy tested. 100% frangrance free. To conceal shadows, minimise lines and wrinkles, brightens skin.” 

Let’s hope it doesn’t fall short of those tall claims…
The Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in Medium Honey appears to have  a yellowish undertone with a thick consistency.  One of the ingredients include a type of silicone called dimethicone – this is a product I avoid in my haircare but don’t mind in my make-up products – which helps with filling pores and lines. This is the key ingredient in doing the claim at the crux of this product’s title: smoothing lines. 

I applied the concealer to my undereye area in the shape of an upside down triangle. I then gently patted it in using my finger, as per thr instructionss on the box.I did not set my concealer or “bake”. I wanted to review this without adding extra things.

After about an hour, the concealer started creasing under my eyes. This could simply be because I didn’t set it with powder. I also noticed that it was accentuating the pores I have on the side of my nose. Then the products settled into the creases, causing lines under my undereyes. What started off as a line-smoothing product became a line accentuater? Irony, thy name is misleading marketing.

I don’t have mature skin and yet this concealer was accentuating lines under my eyes. I’d hate to wonder how it would perform on someone over the age of twenty-one.
Onto some redeeming qualities: the Clinique concealer provides high coverage. I’ve even mixed it with some BB cream on one occasion to amp up the coverage. Initially, it brightened the undereye. I took a lovely out of focus picture with it on, and the one thing that caught my focus was the glow emanating from the top of my zygomatic arch (cheek bone for us English speakers). Another good thing about this concealer is that it is transfer proof. Yes, Cinderella left behind her golden slipper, you don’t wanna be the one leaving behind yellow/orange smudges everywhere. From what is listed on their website, the Line Smoothing Concealer range comes in a wide range of shades especially for women of colour. 

All in all, I would not repurchase this due to its priced and performance.

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Life update! The vacation ends for me on Sunday. As a result of a more packed timetable, I’ll have to cut down on how much I post. My target is now one blog post a week God Willing. To all my awesome followers, thank you for reading, and watch this space for more (albeit less). 🙂


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