My Favourite Essence Eye Brushes

I was never one for eyeshadow. If I used it, I didn’t use more than one colour.  I would just use the plastic applicators that come with most palettes – you know the ones with the foam head? – to pack one colour all over my lid. I didn’t know that there was anything beyond that. You can spend your whole life eating pasta until your neighbour from two houses away introduces you to curry. In case you were wondering, this is a metaphor for trying new things: both make-up and cuisine related. Eye make-up brushes are not to be underestimated. They are great for application, precision and diffusing. I only recently realised how necessary they are, especially when it comes to blending. This post is about my favourite Essence Eye Brushes. 

Essence Eyeshadow Brush –  This is a flat eyeshadow brush. The packaging, is a cute peach with a floral detailing and has the brush’s name printed on it. This is great because the colour makes it stand out and the labelling is especially useful for beginners. Prepare yourself for zero confusion. I like to spritz this with The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist and then pack the eyeshadow on my lid – this works for glitter eyeshadows or other eyeshadows that have fall out galore.

Essence Eye Blender Brush – This is the best brush ever! On  a lunch date with my friends, one of them complimented me on my blending. I wish I could take all the credit but this brush makes blending so effortless. This is good for diffusing eyeshadow and making sure there are no harsh lines. I ordered this off Despite my apprehension toward online shopping, I admit has garnered some trust from me. Instead of opting for courier,  I pick the goods up at their warehouse in Montague Gardens instead. Why shop online, if you’re anyway gonna go and pick up the products? Hmmm. Because online stores sometimes have things in stock that are not necessarily in store. has a really wide range of make-up products, with Essence constituting a big chunk of that.

Essence Eyebrow Brush – This is an angled eyebrow brush. It has a white, black and blue handle with an edgy geometric pattern. This is good with powder and creams. I do not own a brow pomade or gel like every Instagram Influencer ever. Cry me a river and write me a list for next month’s wishlist. I prefer to use powder in my brows. Its bristles are soft enough not to yank out your eyebrow hair when you’re trying to fill them in. Talk about counter productive. I have never nor do I plan to remove hair from my eyebrows. I want them to look bold not bald.
I have washed these Essence eye brushes many times using lukewarm to hot water with shampoo. Afterwards I leave them to air-dry. I have never experienced shedding with these brushes. The ferule is nice and solid despite the brushes seeming so light.

P.S All three of these brushes retail at 33 ZAR each on That’s under R100 for three brushes!

Have you tried any of these brushes before? What did you think of them? Are there any other eye brushes that you swear by?


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