You, Me and Nimmi: A Lovely Blog Award Nomination and Seven Revelations

​Upon checking my notifications on the WordPress app, I spotted a new comment. Now comments on my blog literally make my day, and this one did no less. I had been nominated for the A Lovely Blog Award by Katie Blogs It All. I would like to use this space to thank Katie, who was THIRD person EVER to follow my blog. I really admire her consistency when it comes to blogging. Everday, without fail she posts something. She has really innovative blogging series as well as other make-up related things. Be sure to check her out here.

The Rules of the Award. Source:

The second component of this nomination is to…*virtual drumroll* reveal seven facts about yourself. This had me in a bit of a quagmire. How much could I share? Blood test results, chronic illnesses, weight… which facts were entirely too factual? Well, defintely the ones I just mentioned. So without further ado, let the oversharing begin!

Seven Revelations:

1. My friends refer to me as ‘Nimmi’.  The name sorta just happened due to people’s inability to pronounce my own. Luckily, Nimmi is not a shortening of my original name – I feel like that would do its significance an injustice  Instead Nimmi is a standalone name. I later found out that I share it with an Indian actress of a bygone era. 

Meet Nimmi, the actress and my namesake. | Source: wikipedia

2. I have never been out of South Africa. Read a short satire on bureaucracy here.

3. I can speak five languages. Can you guess which?

4. Out of those five languages, I can only read and write in three of them. Multilingual illiteracy.

5. My blood type is O+. I know this because I became a blood donor at age 16. Some teenages fall in love with vampires in high school while others give their blood for a less romantic cause.

6. One of the careers I  wanted to pursue as a child was to be president. I even had a political party that I wanted to start. I’ve since given up on that idea. It could be after I read the biography for Benazir Bhutto (first female prime minister of Pakistan) as research for an Afrikaans prepared speech. 

7. The only piercings I have are on my ears in the conventional place. I’ve always wanted a nose ring but have managed to talk myself several times. I’m good at talking myself out of sticking needles into my nose.

Yesterday marked three weeks of blogging for me. So this nomination was a lovely anniversary  gift. In order to pay it forward, I would like to nominate these bloggers who have very different but equally engaging blogs:

1. Confessions of a UCT Rambler

2. Vive Halal

3. Beauty Everest

4. Rogue by Nablah


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