The Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation in Light/Medium Review

We have been experiencing some water issues – read drought – in the Western Cape (the province in which I reside), coupled with wildfires in certain areas. Today, the sky opened up and poured down in the middle of summer. Fridays really are auspicious. What better a day – after praising the Lord– to review a foundation from a brand called Wet ‘n Wild.

When I think Wet n Wild, I think Fergie. She was their brand ambassador at some point if I remember correctly. While applying this foundation, I may or may not have been humming some golden oldies from The Black Eyed Peas. Wet n Wild is exclusive to Clicks Stores in South Africa. Although I’ve been meaning to try out their lipsticks (which are rumoured to be dupes for some Mac ones), my first purchase from the brand ended up being a foundation.

The foundation is under R100, even cheaper than some foundations from Essence! I commend this company for their pricing. The many people restricted to a student budget applaud you for this amazing feat. Another thing is has going for it is that the tube is really travel-friendly and light compact enough to fit in any handbag. However, all the tubes look the same and you have to look on the back to see which shade it is. I feel like printing it on the front would’ve saved some time.

The product’s claims, ingredients and the shade are all listed at the back.

I’ve never really tried a full coverage foundation before. In my mind full coverage foundations don’t tend to be dewy, and I like my skin like I like my front lawn in the morning: dewy. Also, I don’t really suffer from the usual things people use foundation to cover, except for the occasional pimple making a cameo in the movie that is my life. The Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation really lives up to its claim of medium to full coverage. But it can look a bit cakey if you go overboard. If you apply this with your fingers, you’ll get maximum coverage. However, I prefer a cosmetic wedge sponge or beauty blender as the latter amps up dewiness.

This photographs beautifully. Provided you buy the right shade. In natural light, ‘light/medium’ seems to match me. Once you turn on the flash, I go from Sassy From Birth to Casper (the friendly ghost) From Birth.

Left: a swatch/dollop of the Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation in Light/Medium featuring my veins.

Overall, the Wet n Wild Coverall [hello there assonance] Foundation is another value for money product from the affordable end of make-up aka drugstore, especially if you’re looking for something with a higher level of coverage.

Have you tried the Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation? What did you think of it? Are there any drugstore foundations that you swear by?


15 thoughts on “The Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation in Light/Medium Review

      1. Haha, good point! That’s a good incentive to have, it’s very satisfying when you find an absolute gem for a bargain price. I actually saw Wet n Wild when I was away recently, but I wasn’t sure if they were halal so I stayed away. Maybe next time!


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