The Wand is Mightier Than the Sword: Sh’zen Triple Volume Mascara Review

Mascaras are like bras, they can only do so much, when faced with that which their wearer has been genetically blessed with. As a result, I don’t expect much from them.
I received the Sh’zen Triple Volume Mascara as a gift from my mom’s cousin, who sells Sh’zen products. I was most impressed with the cute floral purple box that it came in, but alas, had to throw it away when I upgraded/downsized to a new make-up bag. So I’ve included a picture from the Sh’zen website so that everyone can see it. Unless otherwise stated, all of the photographs on Sassy From Birth are taken by me.


The mascara tube itself is a classic black one with only the brand written on in gold. The wand is fairly run of the mill, as you can tell from the picture. The formula is fairly dry but this helps thicken the lashes and create volume. One has to be careful for clumping, which may happen when applying various coats. The Triple Volume Mascara helps with separating the lashes. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have too many lashes to begin with, so I end up with four or five thick lashes on my top and bottom lid. Quality over quantity, I suppose.

I am yet to find my holy grail mascara. The last one I really liked was the Essence I Heart Extreme Volume Mascara. Yet I never replaced it after I forgot it in the ladies restroom at university and found it missing when I returned. Crime in South Africa I tell you. Even the thieves want to look on fleek. The Essence mascara was clump central though.

The Sh’zen Triple Volume Mascara is by no means waterproof. I wet my eyes yesterday and watched it run down my cheeks as fast as Wayde Van Niekerk at the Olympics. On the plus side, that means that it isn’t a mission to remove.

Have you ever tried any Sh’zen products? Do you have any mascara recommendations for a sassy girl with straight and sparse eyelashes?

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5 thoughts on “The Wand is Mightier Than the Sword: Sh’zen Triple Volume Mascara Review

  1. Great post! Have you tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara? Some people love it, others hate it. I love it, though it can be ever so slightly clumpy like the Sh’zen one, but I think that’s easily avoided. I’m no mascara guru, but I’d recommend this one!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂 😊
      No, I haven’t tried that mascara. Too Faced isn’t available in South Africa, sadly. Your recommendation is noted though.
      Side note: I don’t think clumping is *that* bad though😁


      1. You’re welcome, I love your blog ☺️
        You might be able to find it on Amazon UK, they ship to South Africa. It costs £19 on the Too Faced website, so I wouldn’t pay much more than that.
        Clumping is okay, I can’t stand the flakes though (if that makes sense)!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😀 Ooh Amazon UK… I had no idea they shipped here. Thanks so much for the info, will take it into consideration. The only flakes I tolerate are the ones made of corn in my breakfast hehe


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