Lady and the Vamp: a Review of the LA Girl Flat Velvet Matte Lipstick

There’s a scene set at a fashion show in a film appropriately titled ‘Fashion’ starring Kangana Renaut. She walks down the runway and stops at the end to gaze at the audience with such an audacious gaze that it become clear why she is the showstopper. Although there’s a thread of sameness in all fashion shows, Renaut brought a degree of singularity to that scene.

Kangana Ranaut on the runway in the Bollywood film, ‘Fashion’. Source:
I thought the pleather sleeves were most appropriate for thi

For me, the LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Runway epitomises that boldness with its deep brick red colour. In fact, the lipcolour that she’s wearing in the scene even looks like the LA Girl lipstick!
I bought the LA Girl lipstick from Dis-chem just before summer began (October in South Africa). The vampy nature of this lipstick means that it’s a bit too dark for summer. As a result, I’ve only worn it once or twice. Despite this, the wording on the lipstick has already faded.

Smell? The lipstick has a slight vanilla scent mixed with a chemical smell. Thankfully the vanilla masks the latter, I hate my products to smell like a laboratory.
Pigmentation? The lipstick is quite pigmented and masks pigmentation on the lips as well. I feel like this colour would really pop on darker skin tones.
Wear and finish? The finish is exactly as described in the title: velvet matte. Unlike a lot of lip products being released lately (I won’t mention any names), this lipstick is not a wannabe matte. It is creamy to apply but dries to a matte finish.

Get used to the fading henna on my right hand. It will be featuring in my posts for the next week or so.

I ate a slice of cheesecake in order to test the lipstick’s longevity, and not to indulge my own sweet tooth by any means… The end result was an ombre effect when the lipstick remained on the outer edges of my lips but faded in the middle. To prolong the wear, I would pair this with the Yardley Retractable Lipliner in Claret that I reviewed in my very first blog post here:

Overall, the LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Runway is value for money. I would seriously consider buying other shades from this line of lipsticks.


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