Charlie Revlon Mini Haul + Swatches

I feel like Charlie is Revlon’s forgotten sibling – you know, the kind that no one invites to family events and whose name aunts and uncles can never remember? Never one to forget (as shown in the throwbacks in all my blog posts so far), I decided to give this one a chance.


This mini haul consists of these products:

  • Cheek Blusher – Mineral Powder Blush in Mulberry
  • Colour Beyond Lip Colour in ‘Dream On’
  • Kohl Eyeliner – Defining Contour in Charcoal
  • Eyeliner – Shimmer Liquid in Bingo Blue
Charlie Revlon Swatches (from right to left): Eyeliner Shimmer Liquid in ‘Bingo Blue’, Kohl Eyeliner in ‘Charcoal’, Cheek Blusher in ‘Mulberry’ and Colour Beyond Lip Colour in ‘Dream On’

I was most impressed with the Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner in Bingo Blue (my, my aren’t these names a mouthful or rather, keyboard full?). It is a bright shimmer eyeliner that has quite the staying powder. It stayed put when I wore it to a 21st birthday and shed a few tears at the poignant speeches. This sassy girl has a heart. The pigmentation is very vibrant, especially when worn on the bottom waterline. Another plus point is that – unlike some other eyeliners I own -this doesn’t smudge.

The blush takes pigmentation to another level. Although, I admit I applied the Cheek Blusher in Mulberry’s swatch with a heavy hand. I was just too enthusiastic to feature my first swatches on Sassy From Birth. Anyway, the blush compact includes a mirror and a brush. I was impressed by this as it makes it travel friendly. At first, I thought the brush could be a rounder version of the one that comes with the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. However, the Charlie brush’s bristles are not tightly packed; making it difficult to control where on the cheeks the product is placed.

Charlie Revlon Cheek Blusher in ‘Mulberry’. The nifty compact contains a mirror, the blush pan and a brush.

Placement is hardly an issue with lipstick. The Charlie Lipstick or rather, Colour Beyond Lip Colour in ‘Dream On’ is baby pink with a frosted and creamy finish. This is a good nude for those who detest the matte trend or find it too drying on their lips.

Last but not least is the Charlie Revlon Kohl Eyeliner in Charcoal. I was slightly surprised when I swatched this on my hand. I was expecting something more grey, rather than blue-grey. The kohl is not smudge-proof but I suppose the whole point of kohl is to be smouldering. I feel like this could be a great base, or addition to a blue smoky eye. Think Elsa in the ‘Let it Go’ scene from Frozen.
Fun fact: I actually went to watch that film in 3D when it was released. Who knew it would become as big as it did? Perhaps Charlie Revlon will also have its time to shine, when people ‘let’ other brands ‘go’?
Anything is possible in a world where charcoal is blue-grey and a snowman named Olaf is suicidal…


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