Caramel Complexion: Yardley Even Complexion Foundation Review

I love brands that name their foundation shades after edible things. Especially when the shade range is extensive. Simply, my dear, diversity is delicious.
I was never one for foundation. But like Justin Bieber once said, or rather sang: “never say never”…
Foundation was applied to my face for the first time when I was a bridesmaid for some distant cousin at age sixteen. I was hesitant because the make-up artist (also a distant cousin) was using the same generic brown for both myself and the other bridesmaid. But as most people know and accept: being a bride’s bridesmaid is like being a eligible voter in a one-party state; there aren’t any other options.
Also, I was haunted by images of girls at my high school walking around with orange smears on the collar of their white shirts. They wandered the passages looking like they had been bitten by vampires who fed on creamy coverage rather than blood.
Fast forward five years, and I bravely dipped my toe in the pond. I started to dabble in BB cream (a gateway drug for the soon to be make-up addict). My most recent purchase – the Yardley London Even Complexion foundation in the shade Caramel Fudge – was made when Foschini was having a promotion which deducted R40 off the total of all Yardley foundations. I do love a discount as much the next person.

This foundation scores the packaging department because: a) it has a pump and b)it is not a glass bottle (those seem to have a propensity for falling on the floor or weighing down hand bags). Extra plus points include it’s dewy finish, SPF 20 and extensive shade range.


A swatch of Yardley Even Complexion Foundation in Caramel Fudge in

I’m not gonna dwell on the minus points because I’m not a Negative Nancy, I’m Sassy [From Birth]…


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