Yardley Retractable Lipliners in Claret and Teracotta – Review

I’m the type of person to admire a stranger’s lipstick from afar…and then go up to them to ask what they’re wearing. To cut a short story even shorter, a purple-lipped girl standing outside my university library is the reason I now own and love this lipliner. Without further ado, introducing the Yardley London Retractable Lipliner.
Shockingly, I only own two of these specimens in the shades ‘Claret’ and ‘Terracotta’.
Claret is a vampy, dark purple shade. It, like its sister Terracotta is both matte and creamy at the same time. Like the soapie time slots on SABC 2, this lipliner is versatile. It can worn under other lipsticks in the burgundy and brown family to create new hybrids or it can simply be worn alone.
Terracotta is a pinkish-brown or brownish-pink colour. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Besides the finish and pigmentation, the fact that these lipliner are retractable is another plus point. I remember spending precious hours at the dustpin sharpening pencils. Surely, the one perk of adulthood is not having to sharpen anything; including but not limited to: stationary or make-up.

Throwback Tuesday: I remember popping into the local Clicks make-up section and proceeded to ask the saleslady whether she had a certain lipliner in stock. With a disinterested look on her face, she gazed into my blackheads and said: “Why do you need lipliner?” i stumbled on my way out of the store and began to re-evaluate my life…

Needless to say, one does not need lipliner. Make-up is about wanting. Wanting to re-invent, enhance or simply draw on what isn’t there (especially in the lip department). Excuse me, I quickly want to go and line my lips…


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